Download E-books Learn Ruby the Hard Way: A Simple and Idiomatic Introduction to the Imaginative World Of Computational Thinking with Code (3rd Edition) (Zed Shaw's Hard Way Series) PDF

You Will Learn Ruby!


Zed Shaw has perfected the world’s most sensible process for studying Ruby. stick to it and you may succeed–just just like the millions of newbies Zed has taught thus far! You carry the self-discipline, dedication, and endurance; the writer provides every thing else.


In Learn Ruby the demanding means, 3rd Edition , you’ll examine Ruby through operating via fifty two brilliantly crafted routines. learn them. variety their code precisely. (No copying and pasting!) repair your error. Watch the courses run. As you do, you’ll find out how software program works; what stable courses seem like; how you can learn, write, and view code; and the way to discover and connect your blunders utilizing tips specialist programmers use. most significantly, you’ll study the next, that you have to commence writing first-class Ruby software program of your own:


• fitting your Ruby environment

• Organizing and writing code

• Ruby symbols and keywords

• simple mathematics

• Variables and printing

• Strings and text

• Interacting with users

• operating with files

• utilizing and developing functions

• Looping and logic

• Arrays and elements

• Hashmaps

• application design

• Object-oriented programming

• Inheritance and composition

• Modules, periods, and objects

• venture “skeleton” directories

• Debugging and automatic testing

• complicated consumer input

• textual content processing

• easy video game development

• simple internet development


It’ll Be challenging before everything. yet quickly, You’ll simply Get It–And that may believe Great!

This educational will gift you for each minute you set into it. quickly, you’ll recognize one of many world’s strongest, renowned programming languages. You’ll be a Ruby programmer.


Watch Zed, too! The accompanying DVD includes five+ hours of passionate, powerful instructing: an entire Ruby video course!


Zed Shaw is an avid guitar participant, programmer, and author whose books educate humans world wide the best way to write software program. His e-book Learn Python the not easy manner has been learn by means of thousands of individuals around the globe. His software program has been utilized by many huge and small businesses. His essays are frequently quoted and browse through individuals of many geek groups. he's an wonderful and energetic author, who's guaranteed to preserve you giggling and make you think.

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For this workout, try out this stuff: Make your script print one other line. Make your script print just one of the traces. positioned a # (octothorpe) personality first and foremost of a line. What did it do? try and discover what this personality does. to any extent further, I will not clarify how each one workout works except an workout is diverse. observe An 'octothorpe' can also be known as a 'pound', 'hash', 'mesh', or any variety of names. choose the one who makes you relax. © Copyright 2010, Zed A. Shaw and Rob Sobers. final up-to-date on Jan 21, 2012. Created utilizing Sphinx 1. 1. 2. subsequent earlier | study Ruby The tough means » workout 2: reviews And Pound Characters reviews are vitally important on your courses. they're used to inform you what whatever does in English, and so they are used to disable components of your application if you would like to take away them quickly. this is the way you use reviews in Ruby: 1 2 three four five 6 7 eight nine # A remark, this can be so that you can learn your application later. # something after the # is neglected via Ruby. places "I may have code like this. " # and the remark after is neglected # it's also possible to use a remark to "disable" or remark out a section of code: # places "This will not run. " places "This will run. " What you have to See $ ruby ex2. rb i'll have code like this. it will run. $ additional credits discover when you have been correct approximately what the # personality does and confirm you recognize what it truly is known as (octothorpe or pound character). Take your ex2. rb dossier and evaluate each one line going backwards. begin on the final line, and cost each one note in opposite opposed to what you'll have typed. Did you discover extra error? repair them. learn what you typed above out loud, together with announcing every one personality by means of its identify. Did you discover extra blunders? repair them. © Copyright 2010, Zed A. Shaw and Rob Sobers. final up to date on Jan 21, 2012. Created utilizing Sphinx 1. 1. 2. subsequent earlier | examine Ruby The demanding approach » workout three: Numbers And Math each programming language has a few form of manner of doing numbers and math. don't worry, programmers lie often approximately being math geniuses once they quite usually are not. in the event that they have been math geniuses, they might be doing math, no longer writing advertisements and social community video games to scouse borrow people's funds. This workout has plenty of math symbols. Let's identify them at once so that you recognize what they're known as. As you style this one in, say the names. while asserting them feels uninteresting you could cease announcing them. listed here are the names: + plus - minus / reduce * asterisk % percentage < less-than > greater-than <= less-than-equal >= greater-than-equal become aware of how the operations are lacking? once you style within the code for this workout, return and determine what every one of those does and entire the desk. for instance, + does addition. 1 2 three four five 6 7 eight nine 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 15 sixteen 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 places "I will now count number my chickens:" places "Hens", 25 + 30 / 6 places "Roosters", a hundred - 25 * three % four places "Now i'll count number the eggs:" places three + 2 + 1 - five + four % 2 - a quarter + 6 places "Is it precise that three + 2 < five - 7? " places three + 2 < five - 7 places "What is three + 2?

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